Ukraine Safer Internet Day Committee


About us:

LYNGO «Start» have worked on the topic of safer Internet since April 2013. Our activities are focused on young people and implemented through non-formal education in schools and youth organizations.

In 2014 we joined to Safe Internet Day as a Safe Internet Day National Committee.sid2017_logo_small_logos

In 2016 we provided open call to find regional coordinators across Ukraine. Today our team is growing.

If you have any questions please contact us:

Regional coordinators’ contact information:

Zakarpattya region – Valentina Shevchuk, (Center of practical psychology, social work and correctional education of Zakarpattya Institute of Postgraduate Education)

Sumy region – Mykhailo Gorkusha, (Analytical Center “Internet Law UA”)
Mykolaiv region – Olena Forostyanaya, (CF «Healthy nation»)
Ternopil region – Oleksandra Hrynkiv, (Information and Legal Centre “Human Rights”)
Chernihiv region – Bogdana Korovaeva, (NGO “Horizon”)

Zaporizhzhya region – Romanenko Kateryna, (Youth Network Initiative)

About our activities:

From 2014 non-formal lessons on safe Internet behavior are implemented in this day based on interaction and communication with children and young people across Ukraine in order to inform young people about some rules of the Internet behavior, to discuss virtual threats, that could harm everyone in real life, to identify ways that could prevent a negative impact of the Internet, to present and discuss information about «No Hate Speech Movement».

Cooperation with our partner, publishing agency “School world” gives us an opportunity to produce special information materials in the journal “Social pedagogue” for schools across Ukraine.

The members of the National Committee of Safer Internet Day developed a manual “Human rights in the internet” within the project supported by the Joint Program of the European Union and the Council of Europe “Strengthening the Information Society in Ukraine”. This manual is very useful tool for preparation and implementing activities for children, young people, parents, teachers, NGO activists. The manual is an educational tool which is based on the “Guide to human rights for internet users” (Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe). It contains five interactive non-formal education activities for group work.


We published academic thesis on «Safe Internet behavior of children», «The impact of the Internet sexual content on modern teenagers», «Hate speech», «Theoretical and practical aspects of combating hate speech in the Internet», «Protection mechanisms of human rights online», «Resources of the Council of Europe for combating hate speech online», «Сompetency-based approach in forming safe Internet behavior among adolescents».


Results and evidences of own’s academic researches we apply in practice. We deliver our activities to young people through non-formal education methods and children/youth participation in schools, clubs and youth associations.

Coordinator of Ukraine SID Committee Olena Chernykh presented key points on children Internet behavior at the 7 Ukrainian Internet Governance Forum 14 October 2016, Kyiv. Some of the final statements of the Forum are to invite children to the next Internet Governance Forum to participate in  working groups (possibly separate), and provide suggestions on issues that affect them, to create a safe and better Internet for children, and promote best practices (cases) for the protection of human rights have been violated online.

Plans for future cooperation within SID 2017 were discussed with representatives of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (Institute of Modernization of Educational Content).

We plan to use Open Badges system for participants of activities of SID 2017 in Ukraine. Due to the Open Badges SID 2017 in Ukraine can become more visible and recognizable among different stakeholders.

About several SID activities in regions:

Zakarpattya region

Center of practical psychology, social work and correctional education of Zakarpattya Institute of Postgraduate Education plans to hold training sessions for practical psychologists and social workers of schools from Zakarpattya region.

Sumy region

Analytical Center “Internet Law UA” plans to hold a citywide lesson on Internet literacy, on protection of personal data, checking an information posted online, combating hate speech in the Internet and creating a culture of respect for copyright and intellectual property.

Mykolaiv region

CF «Healthy nation» plans to implement an information campaign on safe Internet and the role of each person in the process of change, the formation of skills of safe Internet surfing for children of senior secondary classes and students, engaging participants as a multipliers. Distribution of the tips on action when person face hate speech, stigma and discrimination online, training on a tolerant attitude.

Ternopil region

Information and Legal Centre “Human Rights” plans educational activities for the Safer Internet (lectures, workshops, intellectual quizzes, appearances in the media)


Chernihiv region

NGO “Horizon” plans a series of information events for children, youth and their parents to ensure the safe use of the Internet: information about safety in social networks, basic tips to combat cyberbullying, information about digital reputation.

What we are doing to ‘be the change’ for a better internet

We see our role in helping children and young people to be active part of positive changing of the cyber world.

We show those sides and opportunities of the Internet which lead to self-development and self-realization of a person. Particularly, we promote human rights in the Internet through non-formal education activities. We closely cooperate with “No Hate Speech” movement in Ukraine implementing educational activities to combat hate speech, discrimination and xenophobia online.